Distribution & logistics

Would you like to get your products to thousands of retail channels (modern trade and traditional trade) as well as the medical channel and digital (B2C)? We can deliver your products through our capillary distribution network of unique scope and depth. We use direct distribution where possible, leading to reduced reliance on wholesalers. Our facilities and fleet are professionally managed. We are also fully committed to compliance. To provide you with the services you need, we offer third party logistics as well as credit collection. We offer you an unmatched logistics infrastructure and distribution centers to transport, store and distribute your products across the regions. Many additional specialized services including product registration, regulatory support, customs handling, importation, logistics, repackaging, invoicing, cash collection, supply chain management and e-fulfillment.

Our distribution and logistics services

Distribution services we provide:

Order taking or processing




Forward and reverse logistics

Inventory management

Consignment inventory management

Order fulfillment/delivery

Return management

Value-adding services

Specialized services


Custom clearance


Food/drug administration

Bonded goods

Product registration

Regulatory compliance