Automotive industry

We serve a range of applications in the automotive industry including interior and exterior elements, lighting, seating, and electric vehicle battery (EVB) packaging, using dedicated raw materials for coatings and adhesives, thermoplastics, foams, films, composites and more.

Electric car components

The electric vehicle (EV) will demand high-performance, fast-charging batteries, crash-safe structures, effective battery cooling, and stable powertrain components. Our materials will help manufacturers build better electric cars.

Automotive lighting

Improving vehicle safety, energy usage and brand image

Polycarbonates and polycarbonate films have revolutionized automotive lighting design. Less than half the weight of glass, polycarbonate is easier to work with, gives designers way more freedom to improve functional and aesthetic design, and allows for innovation in all areas of automotive lighting.

Automotive interior

Superior materials that differentiate customer experiences

The interior design of vehicles has a significant impact on consumer purchasing decisions. Which is why designers choose market-leading polycarbonates, PU-based soft-touch coatings, semi-rigid foams, advanced composites, films and low VOC adhesives as well as PU based coatings for synthetics to achieve a high degree of differentiation.

Automotive exterior

Durable, sustainable materials with greater design freedom

Our innovative product portfolio offers attractive alternatives to conventional materials used to mold and coat automotive exteriors. Their lightweight strength, eco-friendly composition and good flow characteristics increase efficiency and sustainability while opening new design options for car makers.