Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

For healthcare applications such as medication delivery, surgical instruments, electromedical equipment and wound care, we offer dedicated thermoplastics, films, TPU, raw materials, and more.


Specialized materials for advanced medical applications

Medical device manufacturers rely on us to provide advanced, biocompatible materials for a wide variety of surgical instruments. These materials include the medical-grade polycarbonates and blends necessary to manufacture instruments and devices surgeons can depend on during even the most complex operations

Drug delivery

High-quality plastics for drug delivery devices

The continuous introduction of novel pharmaceuticals, drug delivery devices, and dialyzers requires newer, better materials to ensure administration of pharmaceutical agents to the highest standards. Our specialized polycarbonates, PC+ABS blend resins and thermoplastics provide the desired levels of reliability and excellence for drug delivery devices.

Electromedical equipment

PC resins and blends for device housings and parts

Housings and external parts for medical devices including wearable skin patches require materials durable enough to protect their interior components. Our polycarbonate resins and blends deliver the necessary strength and rigidity – as well as being aesthetically pleasing and providing necessary levels of biocompatibility.