Marketing and sales

It’s important to have the right sales, marketing & distribution strategy so we work closely with each client to create the most appropriate, cost effective go to market plan. Using a selection of our broad range of services we create a plan tailored to each client’s needs and requirements. This approach provides a framework enabling us to maximise sales and distribution to multiple retailers.

Drive the availability and visibility of your products with the help of our professional FMCG sales force covering all modern trade channels and with broad reach into general trade, pharmacies, and eCommerce channels too.

Benefit from our experience and gain access to our deep category expertise in the region’s core and fast-growing categories. We can provide you with attractive trade terms with customers and valuable platform effects. Through our process and service excellence, robust IT infrastructure and back-office management, we drive sales force effectiveness by defining clear KPIs and using our own proprietary electronic customer relationship and sales management tool.

We can help you from launching in a new market to increasing sales of products nearing the end of the life cycle. We provide different commercial models to fit your needs: from pure logistics services to cash collection through to full-service offerings, serving all relevant channels. In addition, we also offer a comprehensive set of value-adding services. This includes turning shoppers into buyers through in-store activities.

We provide a broad network through our professionally trained sales specialists covering the core channels: modern trade, general trade, convenience stores, HORECA and bakery chains.