Electronics, appliances & telecommunications

Electronics, appliances & telecommunications

In electronic, electrical and appliance applications including battery housings and insulation, device cases, screens or light panels, we provide dedicated raw materials for thermoplastics, foams, films, elastomers, TPU, composites and more.

Screens & Displays

Smart integration of materials and technology for innovative display designs

Multifunctional spaces feature screens and displays that seamlessly integrate infotainment, lighting, and augmented reality (AR). Our advanced film and polycarbonate applications give designers and component manufacturers the ability to create these ultra-versatile spaces.

Lighting & LED

Specialized polycarbonates and elastomers for every application

We offer a comprehensive polycarbonate and elastomer portfolio, which lets us partner you in realizing the full potential of your LED and other lighting requirements with a tailored solution (LED encapsulation, lenses, diffusers, reflectors, heat sinks, luminaires, or other lighting components).

Cases for consumer electronics

Shaping the smart future with advanced materials

Our broad range of polycarbonates, polycarbonate blends and high-performance thermoplastic composites makes it possible to create electronic devices that are thinner, lighter and stronger than ever before. They also permit greater design freedom, high chroma colors, and countless textures for more attractive consumer products.

Batteries & chargers

Proven polycarbonates for safe, cost-effective powering

Batteries, adapters and chargers power a wide range of electronic devices, electric tools, and appliances. Our materials supply the necessary toughness and safety as well as flexible, cost-efficient manufacturability and versatile finishes that make them the perfect fit for the job.


Durable, design-friendly plastics and PU foams for the household

For household appliances, high-performance polycarbonates and PC blends offer strength, safety and aesthetics for all types of exteriors. And inside major appliances, our PC and PC blends protect electrical components and batteries, while our PU foams help regulate thermal flows for energy efficiency – and now with enhanced insulating properties.

Housing & insulation

Rugged polycarbonates for safer power applications

From power supply and metering to power switching and protection, the electrical industry relies on polycarbonate for durable performance, safety, and reliability. We offer a wide range of PC and its blends to help shield and protect these components – come rain or come shine.